Launch Success Program Propels Youth Through the Summer

As summer draws to a close, the youth in our Launch Success program have been working hard to achieve their goals despite ongoing barriers. Youth have celebrated graduations, big moves and many other milestones. Keep reading to learn more of their stories!

One of our Launch Success participants attended college while also taking care of her newborn. She earned a 3.9 GPA and was invited to join an honors society! Treehouse was able to help her pay the joining fees and purchased her a graduation cord and stole to make her graduation feel extra special.

A Launch Success participant and her young daughter recently moved, and she realized she did not have birth certificates for herself or her daughter. Treehouse helped with the cost of the birth certificates so that she can apply for more local resources, including a baby closet with clothes and diapers for her daughter.

Cali has been making great strides in her adulthood lately. She is just about ready to take her driver’s license test after 9 months of study and practice. She also just got her first ever job and opened her first bank account. With the support of her Treehouse Launch Success Coach, social worker and Independent Living Specialist, she keeps setting goals and achieving them. Next stop: college!

Shirley, one of our Launch Success participants, recently sent us this photo with this note:

“Graduating from community college is such a huge accomplishment. I am the first individual graduating from college in my family. I had several struggles and barriers through my path but they did not stop me from graduating. (One of them being depression.)

I feel very excited to become part of UW this fall. I have prepared myself for this time and worked really hard to be where I am today.

Being part of Treehouse while in school was extremely helpful. I got assistance with college books and school supplies. During COVID-19, I was given tons of resources that led me to continuing my schooling. I am thankful for being part of Treehouse and looking forward to keep working with my Launch Success Coach.”

Max, a Launch Success participant, has been making due with a cramped living situation for the last year while he saved up money and made arrangements to get an apartment with his friend. With a little Treehouse help to secure a moving truck and create a realistic budget, Max made his move and is settling in to his new place.

Mariah has been working toward her bachelor’s degree for several years now, and was a little nervous when she decided to take a quarter off this spring. She knew it was best for her physical, mental and emotional health after all the challenges of the covid19 pandemic, but she did not want to get off track from her goal.

After connecting with her Treehouse Launch Success Coach about her concerns, Mariah and her coach took action together – reaching out to the Financial Aid Office and the Passport staff at the college, creating a plan for truly rejuvenating time off, and identifying some incentives and timelines to reenroll. After taking the time to rest, she reenrolled in school for the summer!

Paris, one of our Launch Success participants, recently sent us this note to celebrate her graduation:

“I graduated with my associate degree in business from Green River College! Thank you so much Treehouse for believing in me! Thank you so much for the support since I was 10 years old!!!!

I will be continuing my education this fall to get my bachelor’s degree!”

Looking for a way to support our youth? Visit treehouseforkids.org/take-action to see how you can get involved.

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