Holiday Magic

Registration Closes on October 31

Making the Holidays Brighter

The Treehouse Holiday Magic program helps to make the holidays brighter for children and youth in foster care by raising resources from the community to provide a holiday gift to eligible youth across Washington state. This program is made possible through a 30-year partnership with Washington state’s Department of Children Youth and Families.

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Holiday Magic FAQ

Why is Registration Closing October 31?

Due to extended shipping times related to Covid-19, we are having to move up registration times to ensure that gifts arrive before the holidays.

How do you get a referral for Holiday Magic?

Treehouse receives a list from DCYF with all children and youth in foster care who are eligible for Holiday Magic. We then send emails and letters out to all the eligible kids and their caregivers.


Who is eligible for Holiday Magic?

Youth in foster care in Washington state are eligible for Holiday Magic including:

  • Shelter Care or out-of-home placement children who are dependents of the state of Washington, including youth in tribal care who are dependents of the state.
  • Out-of-home placement children who are dependents of Washington State Tribes.
  • Youth in Extended Foster Care, Courtesy Supervision, and Interstate Compact placements.

Please reach out to your social worker with questions about eligibility.

For information about Treehouse eligibility, click here.


What if I didn’t get a letter from Treehouse about Holiday Magic?

If you feel you are eligible and you have not received a gift letter or email, contact your social worker to have a referral made to the Holiday Magic program.


Is the referral for Treehouse the same as Holiday Magic?

No, you will need a separate referral for Holiday Magic from your social worker.


How do I register for a gift?

You can register online at treehouseforkids.org/gift-selection-request or by calling 206-267-5111 to speak to a Holiday Magic Representative.


How many gifts does my youth get?

Each eligible youth will receive 1 gift.

Your registration will ask you to select your top 2 gift preferences and will mail your top choice if it is available.


What should I do if I move?

If you move after submitting your Holiday Magic request, please contact the Holiday Magic team so they can update your information.


What if my question wasn't answered here?

The Holiday Magic Team can be reached for any additional questions at holidaymagic@treehouseforkids.org or by phone 206-267-5111.



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