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Treehouse turns 35 this year — powered by our incredible community of youth, caregivers, staff, volunteers, supporters and partners.

Our journey began in 1988, when a group of social workers started raising funds through book sales to purchase everyday needs to help children in foster care feel loved and capable. We have learned a lot about what it takes to be in their corner, and we are more committed than ever to centering their voice, choice and experience to shape their own journeys and ours.

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What’s your story? We want to hear from you as we reflect on Treehouse’s history, present and future. Help us celebrate our milestone by sharing your Treehouse story and dreams for youth in foster care.

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‘Resilience in Foster Care’ is a Treehouse original documentary that follows the stories of Erika, Shirley, Connor, Alex and Sam as they navigate the education and foster care systems.

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Without the foundation of an education, youth in foster care continue to face challenges long after leaving the foster care system.