Fostering Futures

Educational Advocacy

Remove and resolve barriers to school success for youth in foster care in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade across Washington State.
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Graduation Success

Partner with high school youth in foster care to invest in their education and future through our youth-centered academic support program.
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Launch Success

Continued support after high school for young adults who have experienced foster care until they achieve a degree or credential, living wage and stable housing.
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Tribal Engagement

Support for tribal youth with culturally competent educational coaching, opportunities and the development of self-advocacy skills.
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Dual-System Involved Youth

Providing access to basic and special education, transition planning and post-secondary opportunities for youth who have experienced both foster care and incarceration.
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A Strong Network of Support

We invest in the unique educational needs of children, youth and young adults who have experienced foster care and create a strong network of support as they make the difficult transition into adulthood. In partnership with the community, foster parents, social workers, school staff and most importantly our youth, Treehouse fosters a brighter future across Washington state.

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