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If you are passionate about helping youth in foster care graduate from high school with a plan for their future, we invite you to join us by becoming a voice for kids in foster care. Using our Advocacy Action Center, you can easily reach out to your legislators and be up to date on all of the ways you can help advocate on behalf of youth in foster care during session.

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Legislative Advocacy FAQs

What are Treehouse’s 2018 Legislative Priorities?

This legislative session, Treehouse has the following priorities:

Education Equity for Children and Youth in Foster Care
Pass HB 2877/SB 6223 to convene a workgroup of state agencies and nonprofit partners to design a continuum of educational services for children and youth in foster care from pre-K through postsecondary education. Create a plan to align programs, outcome measures, accountability, policy and resources to collectively achieve educational equity goals.

Eliminate Early Grade Suspensions
Pass SB 5155 to eliminate suspensions and expulsions for children in grades K-2. Encourage districts to implement evidence-based, preventative and restorative school discipline practices.

Strengthen Extended Foster Care*
Pass HB 2330/SB 6222 to allow youth that are state dependent at age 18 to enroll in extended foster care up to age 21 and to enter and exit the program as needed due to life circumstances.

Expand Access to College and Apprenticeships for Foster Youth*
Pass HB 2832 to expand eligibility for the Passport to College Promise program. Pass SB 6274 to create the Passport to Careers program to provide scholarships and wraparound supports for foster youth to attend college and complete apprenticeships.

End Youth Detention for Status Offenses*
Pass SB 5596 to eliminate the use of detention for status offenses such as truancy and running away. Expand alternatives to detention statewide.

*Issue identified by youth who have experienced foster care

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How can I help be a voice for kids in foster care?

Join our Advocacy Action Center so that you can easily reach out to your legislators and be up to date on all of the ways you can help advocate on behalf of youth in foster care during session. Sign up for our Advocacy Action Center today.

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What are Treehouse's legislative achievements?

Since 2001, Treehouse has led or collaborated on landmark legislation to support the educational attainment and well-being of youth in foster care. With the support of our legislative champions, we’ve worked to:

  • Minimalize enrollment times when students transfer schools
  • Improve communication and data-sharing between school systems and Children’s Administration
  • Encourage foster home recruitment
  • Simplify credit transfer for students entering new high schools
  • Make all youth in foster care eligible for College Bound
  • Improve school discipline policies for youth in foster care
  • Improve education planning requirements for students when discipline takes them out of school
  • Coordinate academic support services for youth in foster care

But with less than half of Washington State’s high school youth in foster care graduating on time, we still have work to do. You can help by signing up in our Advocacy Action Center today.

How do I contact my legislators?

Contacting your legislators is a surprisingly quick and straightforward process. Visit our Advocacy Action Center, where you will find information on your legislators as well as helpful email templates to easily contact them.