Emerald City Pizza Employees ‘Have a Heart’ for Treehouse

By Anna Bintinger, Treehouse Marketing and Policy Intern

For Michael and Angela Bugal, supporting Treehouse takes many forms. As a family, they volunteer in our free store, regularly attend the Taste for Treehouse event and are instrumental in making Emerald City Pizza’s annual “Have a Heart” campaign successful.

Michael and Angela are Restaurant Managers at Emerald City Pizza, a Pizza Hut franchise with locations across Washington. They have a deep passion for kids and the work Treehouse does to support them.

“We have seven children,” Michael said. “So just to know that Treehouse is out there helping to give kids in foster care the same level field, it’s just inspiring. It really touches us because we have children.”

Michael and Angela frequently volunteer with a group from Emerald City Pizza in our store.

“We usually go as a group to sort clothes, tag and stock them. The storefront where the children get to pick out clothes and toys is incredible,” Michael said. “It’s a lot of fun. You go in, and the staff make you feel right at home. It’s really simple to volunteer and just a good time overall.”

He said attending our Champions for Foster Kids Luncheon is one of the other highlights of their work with Treehouse. Michael has attended for the past several years, but this was Angela’s first opportunity to hear from the kids in foster care they are supporting. Hearing directly from the youth has them even more determined to help.

“You have to fight back tears,” he said. “It really leaves you inspired.”

Michael and Angela attended our Champions luncheon through Emerald City Pizza as a reward for being top fundraisers for the “Have a Heart” campaign.

The campaign lasts one month each year, and customers are given the opportunity to donate to Treehouse whenever they call or come into the store to order pizza.

So far, Emerald City Pizza has raised $38,000 to support youth in foster care.

“Our hope is that it raises awareness about Treehouse’s mission and brings the support necessary for these young people to succeed,” Michael said. “We’re just trying to do our part.”

Interested in making Treehouse the beneficiary of your event or campaign? Visit treehouseforkids.org/drives to get started.

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Anna Bintinger is a Marketing and Policy Intern at Treehouse. She is passionate about sharing others’ stories to make a positive change.

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