A Day in the Life of a Caregiver

By Amber Busch, Treehouse Caregiver

Hello, my name is Amber Busch. My husband, Brad, and I are foster parents. In addition to our two biological kids (ages six and ten), we have two foster kids (ages three and seven). The best way to describe our everyday life is BUSY!!! Raising four kids keeps you on your toes, especially when two of the kids are foster children.

Brad and I with Colton and Adalynn, two of our four kids. Not pictured: Our two adorable foster sons.

Brad and I with Colton and Adalynn, two of our four kids. Not pictured: Our two adorable foster sons.

One thing that keeps us sane is maintaining a routine each day. For kids in foster care, it’s important that they know what to expect each day so that they can find comfort in the routines of life. Our morning routine is consistent; get ready for school, make your bed, eat breakfast, read morning devotional, and then everyone runs out of the house for the school bus.

When our foster kids first came to live with us, getting used to the morning routine was difficult. They were not used to having clean clothes to change into, tooth brushes to brush their teeth, a bed to make, or consistent meals. Each morning was a struggle for us and for them. Finally, after about six months with us, the daily rituals were established and the number of morning tantrums decreased significantly!

It is not an exaggeration when you hear that kids come into care with only the clothes on their back. We are so thankful to Treehouse and the Wearhouse, which helped us fill the kid’s closets with wonderful clothing when they first came into our home. Our three year old foster son will frequently run up to people and say “Look at my shirt, I look handsome!”

Our boys’ closet, filled with clothing from the Wearhouse.

Our boys’ closet, filled with clothing from the Wearhouse.

If you stop by our house in the afternoons, you are sure to hear the kids running around in the yard, riding their bikes, or most likely playing basketball. Thanks to the Little Wishes program our seven year old foster son was able to play on a basketball team this winter, which Brad coached. He LOVED it!! He even got his very own basketball for Christmas from the Wearhouse. The three year old got a shiny new red tricycle, which he zips around the driveway on, with the biggest smile you can imagine. For us, Treehouse is giving these kids more than just tangible items, they are getting a chance to be normal kids, to wear clean clothes, play sports and have toys to call their own. Treehouse is helping to put smiles on children’s faces. For that I am incredibly thankful!

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About the Author

Amber is a CPA and Principal at Clark Nuber in Bellevue. In addition to being a busy professional she is a wife of 15 years to Brad and a mom to two biological children, Colton and Adalynn. Amber and Brad have been foster parents for over two years. Amber serves on the Programs Committee for Treehouse and volunteers with various organizations in the community. Amber’s high energy in both her professional and personal lives serves as a strong basis for her commitment to advocacy on behalf of foster children.

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Colton Busch

March 14, 2017

I love you mom
Fostering is life!!!!!!!!!


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