Chronicle of Social Change: Six Honored by Casey’s 2020 Excellence for Children Awards

The Seattle-based Casey Family Programs has awarded six people with an Excellence for Children Award, an honor given out each year by the foundation to recognize “exceptional work and advocacy for children and families impacted by the child welfare system.”

“These awards are a recognition of people giving the best they have to give,” said Casey CEO William Bell, in a statement announcing the awards “They inspire all of us to work together to create hope and ensure every child and their family have what they need in their lives to reach their fullest potential.”

Victor Sims, who grew up in Florida’s foster care system, received the Alumni Award. Sims, who serves on the National Foster Youth and Alumni Policy Council, was an outspoken advocate for the Family First Prevention Services Act, a massive reform of federal child welfare financing that passed in 2018. He delivered a Ted Talk in May of 2018 on the importance of social capital for foster youth.

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