Driver's Assistance Eligibility

Who We Are Able to Serve

Treehouse’s Driver’s Assistance Program is made possible through a state contract.

Youth must meet state requirements of eligibility to receive funding.

Our goal is to assist youth in Foster Care, Extended Foster Care,  Tribal Jurisdiction, or Indian Child Welfare programs by eliminating financial barriers from obtaining a Driver’s License or Auto Insurance coverage.

Program Qualifications

Youth Eligible for Assistance

To be eligible for the Driver’s Assistance program, participants legal status must meet one the following criteria at the time of service and be between the ages of 15 and 21:

  • Washington State-Dependent (including in-home trial return) or
  • Extended Foster Care or
  • Under Tribal Jurisdiction/Indian Child Welfare (ICW)
Youth NOT Eligible for Assistance

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to serve the following youth:

  • Federal Foster Care
  • Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC)
  • Shelter Care
  • Unaccompanied Minor Status
  • Refugee Status


How does driver's assistance work?

Youth, Caregivers, Social Workers and other support providers can submit requests for Driver’s Assistance Services via our online application or by mailing in a completed paper application. The Licensing Coordinator for Driver’s Assistance will review the form and verify eligibility. Once the youth’s eligibility has been confirmed, the Licensing Coordinator will contact with next steps and how a payment will be issued.

Does Driver's Assistance accept annual referrals?

No. Driver’s Assistance can only accept requests made through our online or paper application. For each service a new request needs to be submitted, even if youth has already received previous Driver’s Assistance Funding.

Once I'm approved how long will it take to receive funding?

On average funding usually takes 1-2 weeks when there aren’t delays with required information or documents. If funding is coming via check, it can take up to 10 days longer. Please allow ample time between making a request and needing payment to be made.

Once funding is approved, how do I get the money and where does the check go?

Driver’s Assistance provides funding by check made out directly to the merchant providing the service and checks will be mailed to the appropriate party.  Other form of payments are online or by phone credit card payments directly to the vendor.