New Van Will Drive Treehouse into the Future

By Grifynn Clay, Treehouse Relationship Development Officer

The Mark Torrance Foundation has been a valued Treehouse partner for years, funding areas that build self-esteem and self-knowledge for our staff, volunteers, and the children, youth and young adults we support.

A few examples include a grant to revitalize the Treehouse Store, funding for emotional intelligence training for staff and most recently, buying the new Treehouse van.

With the gift of the new van, Mark and his foundation have ensured we will be able to reliably run donation drives, transport youth and staff—and keep clothing flowing into the Treehouse Store.

Since joining Treehouse, I have been impressed with how focused we are on being as youth-centric as possible. Our programs continue to grow and adapt, and our donors are adapting with us as needs change.

I am greatly appreciative of Mark and our many donors that support the long-term success of youth in foster care.

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About the Author

Grifynn Clay is a Relationship Development Officer with Treehouse. He is passionate about building meaningful relationships, organizing his community, and inviting others into opportunities to advocate for systemic change.

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