Creating a Summer to Remember

This past summer, 179 Treehouse participants packed up their sleeping bags and backpacks and headed off to the summer camp of their choosing through the Just-in-Time Funding program. Whether it’s sports, arts, specialty, adventure or traditional marshmallows-around-the-campfire camp, summer camp is an opportunity for Treehouse participants to make new friends, develop and refine their skills and have fun in a new environment.

While many camps are geared toward elementary-aged youth, an increasing number cater to middle and high school students, with focuses ranging from cheer and sports to STEM and music. Extracurricular activities have been shown to play a significant role in academic and identity development of youth, with improved grades and setting of educational goals being associated with participation in sports, clubs and other activities.

These activities are an opportunity for Treehouse participants to unleash their curiosity, developing a genuine eagerness to learn. This contagious spirit of curiosity can then translate into a receptiveness to learning in more formal academic environments.

In a recent survey conducted by Treehouse’s Learning and Evaluation team, it was found that the engagement a youth had with their broader school community was highly correlated with that youth’s engagement with class work and attendance. Of the students rated by Treehouse staff as completely or somewhat engaged with their school community, they were more likely to be engaged with their classwork and missed on average 7.5 fewer days of school than their disengaged peers.

By instilling a love for learning at any age, summer camps contribute to a mindset that education is not just a requirement but a gateway to endless possibilities.

When summer comes to an end, Treehouse receives thank you notes from all parts of the state, with participants sharing their favorite memories from their time away.

How To Get Involved

As a youth in foster care or caregiver

Now is the time to sign up for summer camp! If you or someone you care for are a current Treehouse participant, you can visit Just-in-Time Funding to submit a funding request. If you or someone you know has lived experience in the foster care system and are under the age of 26, you can visit the Essentials & Experiences page for more information on our programs and eligibility requirements.

As a community supporter

You can support the Just-in-Time Funding program by making a donation today! Visit the Take Action page for more information on other ways to donate and volunteer your time.

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