2021 Treehouse Graduate Achieves Astonishing Goals and Prepares for the Future

By Desiree Lindsay, Treehouse Public Relations Coordinator

When lockdowns of the pandemic first hit last year, Zamira, a Graduation Success participant at Treehouse, had only met her advocate a handful of times.  

The abrupt switch to Zoom meetings and the difficulties that arose from navigating remote schedules didn’t stop Zamira and Ruby Zarate, her Treehouse Graduation Success Coordinator, from making the most of their partnership.  

After just a little over a year of working together with Ruby, Zamira is finishing off her final year of high school strong and has reaped amazing rewards for all her dedication and hard work.  

She’s graduating with her high school diploma, along with some college credits and has also been accepted into Saint Martin’s University on a full ride from the Dean’s Scholarship.  

“Zamira truly is an amazing advocate for herself. She’s extremely self-motivated and she knows that with some support, she can conquer the world,” said Ruby. “She really inspires everyone around her.” 

While dedicated and driven, Zamira struggles with the same stresses as we all do, which sometimes leave her feeling overwhelmed and contemplating giving up. Having Ruby there every step of the way allows Zamira to persevere.  

Zamira and Ruby Zarate, her Treehouse Graduation Success Coordinator

“For Zamira, just having me there and having someone to have these conversations with and reassure her, gives her the confidence to keep going and to continue to motivate herself,” said Ruby.  

When asked how Zamira first felt about working with a Treehouse Graduation Success Coordinator, she said, “I was a bit skeptical if this would really be worthwhile and helpful but it truly has turned out to be helpful and has done wonders for me in school.” 

“Meeting with Ruby and having someone to talk through goals with, someone who really believes I can accomplish these goals, makes it all so much more achievable,” said Zamira.  

Saint Martin’s University approached Zamira and encouraged her to apply to the Dean’s Scholarship. When the opportunity arose, Zamira was unsure.  

“I didn’t think college was going to be an actual path for me,” added Zamira, “but Ruby was there to tell me it was absolutely possible for me.” 

Together, Zamira and Ruby worked on the application to Saint Martin’s University and the Dean’s Scholarship.  

“I poured my heart into that application and essay and ended up getting accepted,” said Zamira. “I feel like college is really about discovering your passion. You get to try out new things you probably never considered. You might have a plan for one thing and then realize maybe you want something else.” 

Zamira is looking forward to taking a year off to spend time with her family before beginning her freshman year at Saint Martin’s University in the fall of 2022.  

“I know I can do anything if I really work towards it, but having Ruby there really helped me stay on track and stay positive,” said Zamira.  

Zamira is one of the many 2021 Treehouse graduates who all were able to stay engaged and committed to their plans despite everything that this year has thrown at them. Please join us in celebrating our Class of 2021 at Treehouse’s Graduation Spotlight on Tuesday, June 15.  

To learn more and RSVP for the Treehouse Graduation Spotlight, visit: treehouseforkids.org/gradspotlight  

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Desiree Lindsay is the Public Relations Coordinator at Treehouse, where she elevates the voices and experiences of the youth we serve.

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