What’s Next? Treehouse Graduates Share Plans

By Trent Freeman, Treehouse Marketing and Communications

Now that the Class of 2018 and our persistent fifth-year seniors have achieved their long-term goal of earning diplomas, they’re making plans for life beyond high school. Here are the future plans for 11 of our graduates.

Congratulations to all of our students who finished high school because it had meaning for them and their ongoing plans!


School: Lincoln High School

What’s next? Highline College, Palliative Care Nursing

Skylar Cole, Lihonel’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Lihonel’s and my relationship grew slowly over the past two years. I honestly think I used to stress him out! But this year he’s really shared his humor, caring and curiosity about everything. This kid is hysterical. Lihonel uses humor to put others at ease, and dreams of doing so as a palliative care nurse. I am extremely proud that he has been awarded the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship to pursue his goal at Highline College.”


School: Oakland Alternative School

What’s next? Clover Park Technical College, Physical Therapist

Bradley Loetzke, Kenya’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Kenya was a great student to work with for the past two years. Her resiliency to push forward after multiple caregivers, social workers and a bad relationship was contagious. She inspired youth around her. We can only imagine how many more she will inspire with her post-secondary plan. Kenya plans to become a physical therapist. She has a heart that wants to help people get back on their feet, physically and mentally.”


School: Riverview Learning Center (CLIP)

What’s next? Western Washington University, Sociology, Homicide Detective

Mary Iannuzzi, Lindsey’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Lindsey received both the Governor’s and Leadership 1000 scholarships. She is planning on bringing her horse with her to college where she will participate on the WWU equestrian team! I am so proud of how far Lindsey has come in the year I have been working with her. Last year, we were discussing if 4-year schools were possible for her, and this year, she got into many schools where she received full-ride scholarships! She is an excellent advocate for herself and she knows how to make things happen.”


School: Renton Technical College High School 21+

What’s next? Carpentry, either through an Apprenticeship Program or at Seattle Central College’s Wood Technology Center

Lia Tamminen, Da’Sean’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Da’Sean, you are engaged, compassionate and dedicated, with the ability to dream big while also staying grounded in the practicalities of daily life. I am so proud of you for returning to school, graduating and pursuing a career you are passionate about! I am continually impressed by your thoughtfulness, drive and am grateful to be part of your team.”


School: Shorewood High School

What’s next? Seattle Central Community College, Accounting Forensics

Sherry Edwards, Berenice’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Berenice amazes me with her resilience, awareness of what’s going on in the world and her deep thinking. She also is completely honest and moral. I’m proud of you and excited to see what you do next!”


School: Shorewood High School

What’s next? Shoreline Community College

Sherry Edwards, Erika’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Erika amazes me with her determination and resilience.  She is a super hard worker and generous. I’m proud of you and cannot wait to see what comes next!”


School: Lincoln High School

What’s next? Bates Technical College, Early Childhood Education

Skylar Cole, Kayla’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Kayla will be the first in her family to graduate high school and the first to attend college. She is a talented writer and poet, so much so that her advisory teacher asks her for weekly poetry on demand. And she is happy to oblige! New to Lincoln High School and Treehouse for her senior year, Kayla has challenged herself to be brave as an employee in the student store and in drama class.”


School: Hazen High School.

What’s next? Adult Training Program to gain job experience

José Meza, Michael’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Michael, even though I have only worked with you for one year, I am really proud of you for showing great determination to achieve your goal of graduating high school! With great resiliency, you’ve overcome many obstacles along the way. You’re a role model for your peers, and  I am excited to see what you accomplish next!”


School: South Lake High School.

What’s next?
South Seattle College, Apprenticeship as a Welder

José Meza, Mateo’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“You’ve grown so much as a person and a student, and have shown tremendous determination to get where you are now. I am really proud to see you graduate as this seemed like an almost impossible road. Despite all the odds, you never gave up and demonstrated that education is important to you. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment! I am happy to have seen your huge progress as you transition into adulthood.”


School: Lincoln High School

What’s next: Highline College, traveling the world as an International Businessman

Skylar Cole, Azael’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Azael is immediately endearing to pretty much everyone he meets. He is genuine, compassionate and a passionate soccer player. I deeply admire and appreciate the ways Azael builds up everyone around him, especially other immigrant students and his teammates. He has overcome a lot to graduate, and I am inspired by his hope, self-advocacy and ingenuity.”


School: Kentridge High School

What’s next?: University of Washington-Tacoma, Psychology and Law & Policy

Merissa Humes, Jordon’s Education Specialist at Treehouse:
“Jordon, YOU DID IT! You have worked long and hard for this moment, and I hope you soak this all in. You are the epitome of strength and resiliency, and I consider myself blessed to walk alongside you in this journey to achieve your dreams. You have a bright future ahead of you. Keep smiling, laughing, loving and always allow your light to SHINE!”

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