Taylor is Making it Happen

By Taylor Milligan, Treehouse Student

My name is Taylor Milligan and I am 19 years old. When I first met my Treehouse Education Specialist Skylar my hope was to one day have my own apartment in Auburn. We started talking about the skills I would need to live on my own. I realized I would need a way to pay for my apartment.


This past summer I had some opportunities through Treehouse to visit some colleges. I visited Bellevue College, South Seattle, and Renton Tech. I have a strong interest in cars and I love Jeeps. Jeeps have always been my hobby and when I visited Renton Tech which has a great auto body program, I realized cars could become my job.

Skylar also suggested I attend the Make it Happen event at Pacific Lutheran University. While at Make it Happen I got to experience college life- such as stocking up on junk food in the dining hall. I also got to meet other foster youth and mentors who had been to college. They inspired me to work harder. This school year I started an internship program at Skills Inc. I hope to land a summer internship there so I can get hired there to work on airplane parts. With the job I hope to buy a Ford Pinto to use to get to Renton Tech and back and to help pay for my college tuition. I would like to thank my Treehouse Education Specialist Skylar Cole for supporting me through high school and college scouting. Thank you Treehouse for supporting me in all this.

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About the Author

Taylor is one of the 600+ youth in the Treehouse Graduation Success program preparing to graduate from high school and pursue their­­ dreams.

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