Treehouse Students Set Big Goals for 2016

By Angela Griffin, Treehouse Associate Director of Education Program Services

As part of Treehouse’s Graduation Success program, middle and high school students work with their Education Specialists to identify and set personally meaningful goals for themselves each year. For students who have experienced foster care, the sense of independence and personal control gained from goal-setting is empowering. Not only does it keep our students focused, invested, and motivated in the present, but it also gives our students the tools they need to plan for the life they want in the future.

Now that we’re beginning a new year and a new semester, I asked our students to share what goals and resolutions they are working hard to accomplishing in 2016:

""I want to get accepted to college in a nurse practitioner program."

“I want to be more active and healthy so I can try out for the tennis team in the spring.”

“I want to make my own YouTube channel.”

“My goal is to graduate high school this June and go to college for auto mechanics.”

"I want to be a running back in the NFL one day. This year, I’m working on trying to land a job shadow with the Seahawks!"

“My family is really important to me and I want to spend more time with them.”

“I want to enroll in a citywide Pokémon tournament.”

“I want to make the school soccer team.”

"2016 is the year that I'll really focus on school and improving my attendance and I'll work harder on my grades."

“I want to graduate from high school and work with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to learn independent living skills.”

“I want to get my driver’s license and go on a summer road trip.”

“My focus this year is to graduate from high school so I can pursue a career as a jeweler.”

We can’t wait to cheer on our students as they accomplish big things this year, and we hope they’ve inspired you to set your own meaningful goals for 2016!

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About the Author

As Associate Director of Education Program Services Angela Griffin provides strategic leadership for Treehouse’s Graduation Success, Educational Advocacy, and Little Wishes programs. Under her leadership, the Education Services team helps foster youth unlock their potential, graduate from high school, and pave a path towards achieving their future goals

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