Misty Fearlessly Pursues Her Dreams

By Jake Satisky, Treehouse Marketing and Policy Intern

When Misty stood up on stage in front of hundreds of people, she felt no fear. She sang an original song she had written at a songwriting summer camp called “Dear Mom,” and she knocked it out of the park.

Misty has pursued her college dream with the same fearlessness. This fall, she is attending Western Washington University to study child psychology.

She didn’t always know she wanted to go to college. No one in her birth family talked about college, so she didn’t think it was an option for her until high school.

“I want to show that you can do things if you just believe in yourself and set your mind to it,” Misty said.

Since January, Misty has been working with Treehouse Education Specialist Marissa Len.

“The word that comes to mind is resilience,” Marissa said of Misty. “All of that hard work happened before I came into the picture.”

Misty loves to sing. She’s been singing in choir since sixth grade and hopes to keep writing songs in college. In fact, she will be performing at the Treehouse Tea Party in November.

Her dream is to one day tell her story through singing and public speaking. She wants to be a role model for other kids, especially because she wishes she had someone to talk to when she was younger. In part, Misty is pursuing her child psychology degree because people often come to her with their problems and she loves to help.

She offered some words of wisdom for other youth in foster care, stressing that nobody achieves their dreams by themselves.

“It’s amazing what you think you can’t do,” Misty said. “But then you just do it and you come through to the other side, and it’s a lot brighter.”

Learn more about our academic support programs for youth in foster care at treehouseforkids.org/fostering-futures.

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About the Author

Jake Satisky was the Marketing and Policy Intern for Treehouse this summer. He studies Public Policy at Duke University, and he worked at Treehouse through the DukeEngage program.

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Liduvina G Myres

October 2, 2019

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With all the negative news everywhere, it is so uplifting hearing positive stories. Good for Misty and congratulations. Her determination and hard work will definitely help her along the way.
Best wishes to her.


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