Just-in-Time Funding Guidelines

Treehouse creates opportunities for youth in foster care to explore interests, engage in their communities and remove any barriers to their success. A list of items that Just-in-Time Funding can provide assistance with is below. To request funding, please submit a funding request form.

In addition to the maximum payments listed below by type of request, there is an annual maximum funding limit of $2,500 per youth.

For questions about a request or to find out more about if Treehouse can help with a need you have, contact us at [email protected]

Please remember Treehouse cannot reimburse for anything paid for prior to receiving approval for that specific request. Treehouse always needs to receive the completed funding request form, including any supporting documentation. Supporting documentation must show the vendor, the cost, the date and the length of the activity, class, lesson, camp, etc.

If the vendor is an individual rather than an organization, an IRS form W9 is also required.