Volunteer Trains Treehouse Team on Data Software, Saves Thousands of Dollars

By Megan Meyer, Treehouse Senior Volunteer Manager

Our Collaborative Analytics and Innovation (CAI) Team at Treehouse is dedicated to analytics and data visualization. Their work measures meaningful outcomes to show us what’s working, and they also help us identify opportunities for program improvements. The CAI Team lives by the motto: “What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done.”

Technology plays a huge role in their daily work, and Tableau Software offers award-winning products that are the gold standard in data analytics. Treehouse has been using Tableau for a few months, but our CAI Team knew there was more they could be getting out of the software.

Fortunately, Ricco Ugás, a member of our Young Professionals Board (YPB), volunteered to teach a three-part training for the team. He worked at Tableau as their Channel Programs and Analytics Manager.

By the end of the three sessions, our staff had acquired new knowledge and hard skills to better utilize Tableau. Ricco was an excellent teacher, and everyone agreed that it was time well spent.

Ricco’s training saved Treehouse thousands of dollars. His contribution is a great example of how skills-based volunteers support our organization.

If you are interested in joining our pool of skills-based volunteers, please send your resume, or an email with information about what you do, to [email protected].

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As Treehouse’s Senior Volunteer Manager, Megan Meyer connects thousands of community members each year to unique engagement opportunities to support the mission of Treehouse.

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