Treehouse Alum Finds Value in Giving Back

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Ignacio, 23, started his lengthy Treehouse journey when he was in junior high.

“At the time, I was in my own little world. I needed motivation,” he said. “The staff here was on top of it.”

He participated in several Treehouse education programs through the years. During high school and as he’s pursued a degree in early childhood development from Seattle Central College, Ignacio decided to give back by becoming a volunteer.

Most recently, he’s been lending a hand in The Wearhouse, our free store for youth in foster care.

“When you’re in the system, you don’t see all the people behind the scenes,” he said. “It’s been interesting to see that side of it.”

Now, he’s leaving Treehouse to join an AmeriCorps team on the East Coast. Aside from the experience of giving back to communities in need, Ignacio is looking forward to being in a new environment on his own and building up his independent living skills.

Ultimately, he wants to become a youth mentor and takes inspiration from the Treehouse staff he has gotten to know and admire over the years, including Christian Madruga and Susan Sever.

“I want to do the same thing Christian’s doing—giving children experiences to help them succeed in life,” Ignacio said. “Everyone at Treehouse had so much patience with me when I was younger. There’s a lot of caring people here. I appreciate that.”

Christian, who is now a Program Analysis Manager at Treehouse, said he remembers Ignacio being the first youth to welcome him on his first day of work.

“Watching him grow personally and professionally over the years makes my heart fill with happiness,” Christian said. “I could not be more proud of what Ignacio has accomplished so far in his life. He will be a moving force in this world.”

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Catherine Krummey is the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Treehouse. She is passionate about storytelling and excited to share stories about Treehouse through social media, blog posts and newsletters.

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