Stan the Bike Man

By Nicole Herron, Treehouse Wearhouse Manager

Every child remembers the day that they learned how to ride their first bicycle.  At the Wearhouse, we receive many generous bike donations throughout the year from individuals and community partners who share our passion for helping foster kids experience important childhood milestones like their first bicycle ride.

A year and a half ago we were fortunate to be the recipient of two bicycles from a local resident named Stan.  As a former print shop owner and garage sale enthusiast, Stan has always loved tinkering with things and fixing them up.  He started collecting and working on bikes just over seven years ago when his 81-year-old neighbor inspired him to ride in the Seattle to Portland (STP) race with him.  That experience sparked a life-changing passion for long distance bicycling as well as a side business restoring and selling bikes and parts.


At the end of 2012 Stan decided that he had a few extra bikes in his shop that needed to find good homes.  He set out to find a children’s organization to donate them to and found Treehouse.  When he came to drop off the bicycles, he learned that there was a need for a skilled volunteer to tune up all of the donated used bikes.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Stan has been our dedicated bike tuner since that very day lending his time and talent to ensure that Treehouse bikes are in top shape and ready to ride before they head to the storeroom floor.

Now fondly known as our “bike ninja,” Stan always brings a ready smile and loves to share his passion for bikes with the team.  He has built and tuned around 75 bikes of every size, color and skill level for us.  This past holiday season he even enlisted the help of his brother-in-law and nephew building 16 bikes in one day!

We love having Stan as a part of our team and are so grateful for his dedication and support.

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About the Author

As the Assistant Manager of Treehouse Enrichment Programs, Nicole Herron makes sure the Wearhouse is a place where youth can find the essential items they need to feel confident and successful in school.  In order for the Wearhouse to distribute more than a million dollars of donated items to families in King County each year, Nicole leads a team of Treehouse staff and dedicated volunteers like Stan.

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