My Story: Journey to Stability

By McKaylie, Launch Success participant

Subaru Crosstrek
McKaylie’s new car.

Growing up in foster care wasn’t entirely a negative experience, thanks to the support that was provided to me by Treehouse.

Losing the support from your parents is a very lonely feeling; it almost feels like there is not a lot of hope for a positive future anymore. However, thanks to Treehouse, that feeling quickly subsided.

Getting my license was my dream from a young age — the thought of being able to take myself anywhere I wanted sounded very freeing. However, I was in no place financially to cover my car insurance due to my policy being extremely expensive due to a serious car wreck when I was 16. My guardians were no longer willing to keep me on their policy since my insurance company wanted to triple my monthly premium.

At the time I was enrolled as a Running Start student at Bellevue College while working in Seattle and living in Renton. I was forced to bus long distances for several months during the cold winter, until I found out about Treehouse’s Driver’s Assistance program. They could help cover insurance costs, as well as many other expenses associated with owning a vehicle.

With their help, I was able to get back on the road, fully insured! Not only that, but Treehouse was able to cover the costs of my license, as well as gift me an AAA membership, which gave me assurance that I would always be prepared no matter where I was. Without the worry of such high monthly payments, I was finally able to rebuild my savings account that I had previously drained to get a new car. Over time, I was able to save a very comfortable amount of money that ended up being extremely necessary in the future.

Because of the Driver’s Assistance program, I was able to become financially stable and get my own apartment, and even a cat! I was in another car accident last year due to a careless driver that resulted in my Toyota getting totaled; thankfully, my insurance had sent me a good sum of money for the totaled vehicle so I could get a new one. With the help of my savings account, I was able to purchase a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek, which was a car I had wanted for many years. Getting it was an important investment for me to make, ensuring I had a vehicle that was reliable and safe. It is only because of the Driver’s Assistance program that I’ve been able to own my own vehicles to get me to school and work; none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Treehouse.

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About the Author

McKaylie is a current Launch Success participant and high school graduate. With the support of the Driver’s Assistance program, she was able to take driver’s education, have her licensing fees covered, receive a AAA membership and her car insurance premium covered.

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Erin Rogers

February 6, 2024

Thank you for sharing your experience, McKaylie. Enjoy your new car and know that AAA has your back if you find yourself in need of help on the road!


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