Future Bright as Grads Announce Plans

By Trent Freeman, Treehouse Marketing and Communications

One of the key aspects of Treehouse’s Graduation Success program is setting and achieving small, manageable goals that pave a path to big goals such as graduating from high school. Youth in the program learn to develop the goals themselves and create plans that get them excited about the future.

Now that the Class of 2017 and our persistent fifth-year seniors have achieved their long-term goal of earning diplomas, they’re making plans for life beyond high school. Many will attend college or trade school. Others will join the various branches of the military or AmeriCorps. Some will go directly into the workforce.

Our Education Specialists are excited to share the post-high school plans for Sergio, Reggie, Ellie, Jafet, Anifa and Yahya below.

Congratulations to all of our graduates who finished high school because it had meaning for them and their ongoing plans!


Thomas Jefferson High School

Next steps: Jafet has enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he plans to train as a machine mechanic. One day, he hopes to have his own auto repair shop.

“Jafet, I am incredibly proud of you for achieving your goal of on-time graduation despite all the obstacles thrown in your path over the past year. You are a truly special and resilient person, and I’m lucky to be your Ed Specialist. Your hard work, kindness and strength are contagious, and you brighten the lives of everyone around you. I will be cheering you throughout your journey in the Marine Corps. They’re lucky to have you!” ~ Abby Trimble | Treehouse Senior Education Specialist


Foster High School

Next steps: Reggie plans to attend South Seattle College and study video game design or architecture.

“Reggie, I’m proud of all the work you put in to get to graduation. Even with unexpected speed bumps along the way this year, you knew that you were going to finish strong as a grad. Congrats, and I’m excited to see what comes next!” ~ Mauricio Majano | Treehouse Education Specialist


Decatur High School

Next steps: Ellie plans to build up her portfolio and start applying to art colleges.

“Ellie, I am so happy to celebrate your huge accomplishment! I’m proud of you for finding the strength to push beyond the challenges you faced this year in order to get your diploma. Any art school will be lucky to have you, and I’m eager to see your creativity blossom as you decide on your next steps. Congrats, grad!” ~ Abby Trimble | Treehouse Senior Education Specialist


Learning Center North at Shoreline Community College

Next steps: Anifa’s goals include finishing as many classes as possible at Shoreline Community College before transferring to a four-year college or university to pursue a degree in criminal justice or otherwise preparing for a career in law enforcement.

“Anifa, I’m so proud of your effort, determination and success in graduating early! You’ve shown again what you are capable of doing when you put your mind to it! You are a force to be reckoned with, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!” ~ Sherry Edwards | Treehouse Education Specialist


Auburn Mountainview High School

Next steps: Yahya will attend Central Washington University. He received the Washington State Governors’ Scholarship for Foster Youth, CWU Merit Scholarship, Auburn Community Scholarship, Lotus Scholarship and CSF Leadership 1000 Scholarship.

“I started working with Yahya his first day as a ninth-grader in an American high school. Yahya barely spoke any English when he started school, but always showed determination to one day graduate high school and attend college. I respect Yahya greatly and look up to him for his continued effort to never back down from a challenge in life and always continue to strive for his goals!” ~ Devin Howell | Treehouse Senior Education Specialist


Cedarcrest High School

Next steps: Sergio plans to travel to Texas, Montana and Florida this summer. He is looking forward to working full-time at Value Village upon graduation. Next year, he plans to attend Lake Washington Institute of Technology to learn about auto mechanics and aerospace. He is a recipient of the Washington State Governors’ Scholarship for Foster Youth.

“Sergio, I am so proud of you and how hard you work.  You have been persistent in your academics while maintaining a job!” ~ Mary Iannuzzi | Treehouse Senior Education Specialist

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About the Author

Trent Freeman is the Associate Director of Marketing & Communications at Treehouse.

Comments (3)

Dottie Perkins

July 19, 2017

Great bios on these graduates. Tree House should be proud of their work in helping these young people graduate high school.


Sandy Larkins

August 27, 2017

Is there a treehouse organization in portland?


Trent Freeman

August 29, 2017

Hi Sandy – Our various programs help 7,000 of the 9,000 youth in foster care throughout Washington State. Treehouse is not currently operating in Portland. Best, Trent


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