Each Child Has the Capacity to Achieve Their Dreams

By Brittany Wells, Graduation Success Coordinator

It’s always a great day when you engage with people who give everything they can to each day. It’s a phenomenal day when you engage with youth who do the same while finding joy in who they are and the journey they’re on.

Every child in foster care is like every other kid—battling their math test, figuring out what friendship means, agonizing over how they’re going to make the varsity sports team and struggling to understand what life will look like after high school.

Youth enter foster care through no fault of their own. Often they’ve experienced difficult situations that impaired their ability to navigate high school, and yet, they never cease to accept the challenges as they persistently push on and find joy in what they do.

Having the opportunity to work with these youth and supporting them in becoming their best selves is an honor unlike any other. Not only do they find joy in what they’re doing but also what they want to be doing in the future. That drives them to reach their goals. They remind me that diligence, resilience and drive are necessary components for achieving dreams.

Our work together is unique because each child has the capacity to achieve their beautiful, exceptional, crazy and sometimes eccentric dreams in their own way.

Every day is a phenomenal day when I get to share the journey with youth through Treehouse.

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About the Author

Brittany Wells is a Graduation Success Coordinator who works with youth in both typical and alternative high school settings in Spokane. She meets with each youth weekly to develop a unique plan that is tailored to their goals while supporting the team of adults that surround them.

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