Chelo Builds Lasting Impact for Youth in Foster Care, One Month at a Time

By Lindsay Hastings, Treehouse Annual Giving Manager

A few years ago, Chelo Gable was flipping through TV channels when she landed on a news story. A high school senior shared that he was in foster care and had been working to improve his grades with Treehouse Education Specialist. Now, he was about to graduate.

Chelo immediately visited our website to learn more. His story deeply resonated with her as a first-generation college student herself. She knew how much it meant to have a mentor while setting and achieving her goals. 

“Education is a big deal to me—a BIG deal,” she said. “Treehouse is there for kids in high school and older who don’t have an adult in their corner to cheer them on. I knew I needed to get involved and help in any way I could. 

She was struck by the disparity between graduation rates of youth in foster care compared to their peers, especially for kids who change schools with each housing placement and fall behind on credits. 

Originally, Chelo wanted to volunteer as a tutor for older youth who were finishing high school and embarking on college. The demands of her new business, which is growing quickly, led her to become a monthly supporter in our Builders Monthly Giving Club 

“I always knew I wanted a charity to be connected to my business,” Chelo said. “I wanted to start somewhere, so I started giving small, what I could. As my business grows, so will my commitment to Treehouse. A couple of months in, increased my monthly gift and plan to double it soon.  

Each month, Chelo opens her email inbox, sees her gift thank you email and knows she is making an impact

It’s a quick reminder that I am giving to Treehouse and kids in care,” she said. “I feel connected to Treehouse, and its always on my mind.” 

She’s donated clothes to Treehouse’s free store, participated in a donation drive led by a neighbor and constantly shares about the impact of giving with friends and family.  

“I wish everyone knew about Treehouse and the work you are doing for kids right here in our community,” Chelo said. “I ask others, ‘Are you giving anything to a cause? You can’t just take! You have to give back to a charity that means something to you.” 

She hopes her advocacy of Treehouse resonates with friends.

Let’s talk about the kids right here,” Chelo said. “They are everybody’s concern. They are us. They’re our future. It effects everyone when they struggle or when they succeed. If each of us helps just one kid, that’s a life well-lived.” 

Chelo’s children are grown, and it’s important to her that they see her passion and commitment to Treehouse.

“I hope I am a role model for them to give back to causes they believe in,” she said.  

Join Chelo as a member of our Builders Monthly Giving Club. Your gift has the power to impact youth in foster care as they pursue their dreams. To learn more, email me at [email protected].

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About the Author

As Annual Giving Manager at Treehouse, Lindsay Hastings focuses on expanding philanthropic support for youth in foster care with members of the Treehouse donor community.

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