‘Lunar Chronicles’ Author Mentors Riley, Treehouse Youth (Video)

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Marissa Meyer, author of “The Lunar Chronicles” series, recently spent the day with Riley, an aspiring author, to give her advice about writing as part of Treehouse’s job shadow program.

Marissa invited Riley to her home in Tacoma, which has an incredible writing cottage in the backyard, built by Marissa’s husband.

The best-selling author reviewed Riley’s writing, provided feedback and gave her tips on becoming a professional author.

A constant theme throughout the day: “Finish what you start.” Riley shared a few unfinished pieces, and Marissa said she “wanted to know what happens next!”

Another top tip: Keep writing.

“Write all the time. Write things that you are excited about, that you are passionate about,” Marissa said. “Let yourself be inspired and just do it. Don’t worry about if you’re good. Don’t worry if it’s going to get published. Just enjoy it.”

They also took a break to play with Marissa’s two daughters, who were thrilled to make a new friend.

Riley, who is in Treehouse’s Graduation Success program, and Marissa first met in 2015. Marissa, who adopted her twin daughters from foster care, had decided to support Treehouse by donating signed copies of her books as incentives for youth.

For every month that Riley completed all of her school assignments, she received one of Marissa’s books. Riley’s grades improved. That led to a lunch with Marissa as an end-of-year celebration, and they’ve met a number of times since then.

Riley always jumps at the opportunity to spend time with Marissa, her favorite author.

As Riley left Marissa’s writing cottage the day of the job shadow, Marissa handed her a note that read: “You can totally do this.”

Marissa used the note as inspiration for herself. She told Riley to keep it around to provide motivation as she continues to write.

To learn more about our job shadow program and other volunteer opportunities with Treehouse, visit treehouseforkids.org/volunteer or email [email protected].

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