Family Supports

Family Supports

On this page, you’ll find a collection of resources for family support, including legal resources. Select a topic below or keep scrolling to get started with our selection of family support resources.

Parenting Resources

Legal Resources

Parenting Resources

Guide to Supporting Students in Foster Care
Source: Treehouse
Digital guide containing numerous tips, tools and resources that promote best practices related to the education of Washington students in foster care.

Trainings for Caregivers
Source: Alliance for Child Welfare
Catalogue of caregiver trainings on many topics related to youth experiencing foster care.

Important Safety Rules
Teaching importance of safety at home and away.

Foster Care Centers of Excellence
Source: Alliance CaRES
Foster Care Centers of Excellence are medical centers in Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane that offer trauma-informed, comprehensive medical care for youth involved with the child welfare system.

Northwest Harvest Food Access Network
Source: Northwest Harvest
Map of food banks and meal programs across Washington state.

Caregiver Handouts
Source: Harborview Foster Care Clinic
Handouts with useful information for parents and other adults in the life of foster youth.

Independent Living Programs
Source: Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF)
Description of independent living programs in Washington state with a link to regional providers.

The Journey of a Foster Child
Source: Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF)
Timeline of foster care legal process.

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