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School engagement is down dramatically during the pandemic, and that’s a threat to success now and long-term once the crisis passes. Students who would like a private teacher to assist with their studies during this difficult time can request funding through Treehouse for a professional tutor. We are excited to announce the Treehouse CARES Project, a temporary program funded through the federal CARES Act. This program will pay for tutoring and eliminate financial barriers to success in school for both youth in foster care and young adults in Extended Foster Care (EFC).

In addition to tutoring, the funding will cover a variety of materials and resources that encourage engagement in school, including school supplies and equipment, extracurricular activities, summer school and summer camp.

See Treehouse’s website for detailed eligibility for the Treehouse CARES Project and other programs.

Treehouse CARES Project Training >>
Separate webinars for caregivers and social workers/foster care liaisons

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