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The CARES Project is a temporary program funded through the federal CARES Act and administered by Treehouse in partnership with the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). In addition to tutoring, the funding will cover a variety of materials and resources that encourage engagement in school, including school supplies and equipment, extracurricular activities, summer school and summer camp.

As of August 15, 2021, funding is still available. In preparation for back-to-school season, we have updated our funding request process and added new payment methods to provide faster and more efficient services:

Note: Funding is not guaranteed and is on a first-come, first-served basis. It will expire December 31, 2021.

See Treehouse’s website for detailed eligibility for the Treehouse CARES Project and other programs.

Treehouse CARES Project Training >>
Separate webinars for caregivers and social workers/foster care liaisons.

Please note:

  • Payment processing usually takes 1-2 weeks, when there aren’t delays with the required information or documents. If funding is coming via check, it may take up to 10 days longer. Please submit your request at least 3 weeks before payment is needed.
  • Before making a request, please confirm with the vendor that they can accept payments in the form of a business check or online credit card payment. Treehouse cannot set-up automatic account withdrawal and does not submit payments for services rendered prior to approving a request.
  • To access funding through Treehouse, participants must meet the specific program eligibility at the time of request. A request does not guarantee eligibility. All information will be verified before a funding request is processed.
  • In this form, please indicate if the youth is enrolled in Treehouse services.

Funding Request Form

Please use this form to request funding from Treehouse for tutoring, school supplies, school fees and any other academic or extracurricular needs. Simply fill out the form, and click ‘Submit Your Request for Review’ and a Treehouse staff member will contact you to discuss your request.

Unsure of what kinds of academic support we can help pay for? Check out our recently updated Funding FAQ and List of Examples.

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