What Treehouse Means to Me

By Julia Hampton, Treehouse Caregiver

In 1997, God blessed my family with a set of 3-year-old twin boys. My sons arrived in our home, two weeks before Christmas, accompanied by little more than the clothes on their back. With my Christmas shopping nearly done, and presents wrapped – I realized that I had to make Christmas special for my new sons.


Dressing for Success

This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Treehouse and my family. That Christmas, I was able to shop for gifts for my twin boys in the Treehouse Wearhouse. I was so appreciative of the quality of service and items that I received there for my children that year. Many years later, I still have so much appreciation for the care that Treehouse has extended my family along with many other King County foster families. With all of my children being teenagers now, they love to “dress-to-impress”. The Wearhouse allows them to do just that. My favorite part is to see them all model their new outfits for one another, or put together a whole weeks’ worth of outfits together as soon as they come home.

Making Memories Together

Since ’97, I have provided care for about 10 long-term foster care placements, ranging from ages 3 to 18. Treehouse’s Wearhouse, Little Wishes and Holiday Magic programs have been great blessings in helping me provide a childhood and family experience for my foster children. When I bring children into my family, I strive to not only provide them with a loving home, but to create lasting memories that they can share with their children one day.


With the support of Little Wishes, I have been able to do just that. I have had the privilege of seeing my foster children smile as they rode the Monorail and Holiday Carousel for the first time during Treehouse’s Ride into the Holidays Event during the Tree Lighting in downtown Seattle. I’ve seen the look of amazement on their faces as they entered into Safeco Field to watch the Mariner’s play at their first Major League baseball game after we received tickets from the Little Wishes program.

The outings we have attended through Little Wishes, and the gifts through Holiday Magic, and the items we have received from the Wearhouse have been such a blessing. I more than appreciate what Treehouse has done for my family and many others.

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About the Author

Julia Hampton has been a foster parent in the Seattle area for 16 years and has taken ten youth ranging from 3-18 years old into her loving home during that time.

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