Weisman Supports Treehouse for Two Decades

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Weisman Design Group, under the leadership of former CEO Mark Weisman, has been supporting Treehouse for the past 20 years—regularly donating $10,000 annually to our academic programs.

“The future is going to be shaped by our kids,” Mark said. “Supporting kids who may not have a stable, positive adult role model in their lives is an important part of having engaged youth willing to shape that future.”

WDG is a landscape architecture firm, and a large percentage of their projects are schools.

Mark said building fun and educational environments for kids is just as crucial to their mission as it is to Treehouse’s mission of giving youth in foster care a childhood and a future.

“Your mission and ours overlap,” he said.

As Mark has stepped back from being CEO into the role of special projects director, the new co-owners of the firm, Nick Hagan and Andy Rasmussen, are looking to expand their focus on youth in foster care.

“Mark has led that vision of giving back to the community here, and now we’re at the beginning of chapter two in our partnership,” Andy said.

In addition to continuing their monetary donations, the firm is exploring volunteer opportunities and other ways to help Treehouse.

“Our entire firm will be involved in a day of service this year,” Andy said. “We’re looking forward to working with Treehouse even more in the future.”

Because of the firm’s connection with schools, they regularly attend education-based seminars and conferences. The information they’ve learned at those conferences about achievement gaps for youth in foster care influences the firm’s work and their desire to partner with Treehouse.

“There are underserved children in the Seattle area, and Treehouse is putting the money to good use and doing the hard work to get great results,” Andy said. “Everyone at our firm was lucky enough to get a good education, and we want those opportunities to be available to as many young people as possible.”

Mark said it’s been a rewarding 20-year journey.

“Treehouse has had tremendous success through the years,” he said. “We’re honored and humbled to support such an important organization.”

Learn how you can support youth in foster care at treehouseforkids.org/take-action.

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