Way To Go a Success in Its First Year

By Jake Satisky, Marketing and Policy Intern

To meet the growing demand for post-secondary prep services, College Success Foundation partnered with Treehouse to launch Way To Go, a new and improved version of Make It Happen. Events were held in three locations this year—Eastern Washington University, Saint Martin’s University and Everett Community College—allowing greater accessibility for students throughout the state.

College Success Foundation designed workshops and coordinated free transportation while Treehouse rallied students across the state.

“Treehouse staff have a really special gift of establishing authentic relationships with students,” said Donna Quach, the event lead for Way To Go.

Kateri Joe, a Treehouse Education Specialist, was involved in planning the three Way To Go events. She was excited to see how the youth she works with in tribal schools would benefit. She thinks it’s important for organizations like College Success Foundation and Treehouse to collaborate in order to achieve the best results for youth.

“The more organizations work together, the more effective the work becomes instead of the same tasks being done by multiple groups,” Kateri said.

For 14 years, College Success Foundation and the Washington Passport Network ran Make It Happen, a three-day event where high school youth in foster care could get a taste of living at college and learn about Passport to Careers, a scholarship and college support program.

In partnership with community organizations, Treehouse and College Success Foundation successfully advocated in 2018 for policymakers to expand the Passport to Careers program to include tribal youth, unaccompanied refugee minors and youth experiencing homelessness.


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About the Author

Jake Satisky is the Marketing and Policy Intern for Treehouse this summer. He studies Public Policy at Duke University, and he is working at Treehouse through the DukeEngage program.

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