Volunteer Spends Saturdays at Treehouse: ‘It’s a Priority for Me to Be Here’

By Erika Lanier, Treehouse Material Resources Assistant Manager

Treehouse’s free store is powered by volunteers, and André Bearfield has been one of our most active Saturday volunteers for the past five years.

André’s initial involvement with Treehouse goes all the way back to 2012, when he was a member of our inaugural Young Professionals Board (YPB). His involvement during the founding year was instrumental in creating the group and building a foundation that has allowed it to thrive seven years later. YPB members are ambassadors for Treehouse, and even after André’s term expired, he never stopped serving in that capacity.

“André always promotes us in the community, particularly to the professional groups he is involved with,” said Shaunessy Jones, Treehouse’s Director of Community Engagement. “I’ve worked with him from the beginning, and he is the embodiment of a Treehouse champion.”

André is motivated by wanting to share the story of Treehouse and to connect us with important people in his life. Recently, he recruited a close friend and his son to volunteer with him on a regular basis in the store.

He is also the co-founder of an organization called HERE Seattle, which brings together underrepresented minorities working in technology and creative services. Coordinating a group shift for members to volunteer in Treehouse’s store was a particular highlight for André.

“Seeing them here and seeing how their hearts changed while being here is really meaningful to me,” he said.

Outside of his professional life, André is a musician, songwriter and producer. His band, Unite-One, has performed many times at our YPB-led fundraiser, Taste for Treehouse.

André leads a busy and involved life, and we’re thrilled that Treehouse is still so important to him after seven years.

“It’s a priority for me to be here. I feel like I’m part of a community here that values people and treats people well,” he said.

We deeply appreciate André being part of our Treehouse community. He consistently shows up with a can-do attitude and provides support wherever it’s needed.

I always look forward to working with André in the store on Saturdays because he is such a positive person who cares deeply about our mission.

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities at treehouseforkids.org/volunteer.

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About the Author

Erika Lanier was born in Portland, Oregon. She was adopted at age 1 and moved to the Seattle area. She has a degree in Global Studies with a minor in Human Rights from the University of Washington. Erika has been with Treehouse since 2017. Previously, she worked with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and World Relief.

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