Treehouse’s Impact on My Children

By Carol Hutson, Treehouse Caregiver

Treehouse is like an extended family for our children. They receive music lessons, school pictures, graduation assistance, dance and prom tickets, funding for football, soccer, baseball, summer camps, school supplies and best of all a great Christmas.


The items are donated by caring adults, with big hearts and a desire to help children in need. What a gift they provide for all children in care. If Treehouse donors could only see the life pop back into their eyes and the smiles on my children’s faces, when they receive such special gifts. (It’s worth a million bucks!) It brings hope back into their lives, and they can’t believe that people who don’t even know them care enough about them to make sure that they have a good Christmas. It also makes our lives easier, to know that individuals and corporations contribute to children in foster care in our community that have gone through so much in their young lives. Treehouse along with the help of all the contributors should be proud of what they stand for.

Most of the children in foster care have been through so many wars and have survived. Most of the time it’s not how much the gift cost, it’s the fact that they receive more than one present like the other kids. Teenagers like the pricier items like the movie tickets and gift cards. It makes them feel like ordinary kids. They can attend the new released movies instead of going to the cheap movies that have been out for a while. The gift cards allow them to go to the mall to pick out an item that is currently in style.

We as foster parents want to say many thanks to all of the contributors and the Treehouse staff for making everything happen for all of our children.

Thank you all so much!

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About the Author

Carol Hutson has been a devoted caregiver for more than twenty years and is currently the foster mom to six children and youth in the Seattle area. She has welcomed more than 50 kids into her home throughout the years, most of whom have stayed with her until aging out of the foster care system. We are so grateful for dedicated caregivers like Carol who make a difference in the lives of kids in foster care, sticking with them through thick and thin and helping them form healthy lifelong relationships.

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