What Treehouse Youth Will Accomplish in 2017

By Angela Griffin, Treehouse Associate Director of Education Program Services

Although the arrival of a new year inspires many of us to set annual resolutions, goal setting is not a once-a-year activity for Treehouse’s Graduation Success students. Throughout the year, middle and high school students work with their Treehouse Education Specialists to identify personally meaningful goals and navigate the barriers that might hinder their ability to accomplish them.

As 2017 officially begins, we asked our Graduation Success students to share the resolutions and goals they are working towards in the new year:

Class of 2017


“In 2017, I want to get my GED and start nursing school.”

“I want to be accepted to the Shoreline CC automotive program”

“This year, I want to bring more awareness through my website to the needs of LGBTQIPD youth because with the current political environment, more LGBTQIPD youth have been afraid for their lives and some have even committed suicide. No one should be afraid to live in this world of freedom.”

Class of 2018

2018 Goal

“I’d like to get a job in construction.”

Class of 2019

“I want to stay on top of my school work this year. I also want to learn how to save my money.”

“This year, I want to be happy. The next thing I’m focusing on is getting a job.”

Class of 2020


Class for 2021

“I want to make animation at least once a week, and keep my grades up.”

“I want to join the wrestling team.”

“I want to keep all my grades above a C, and to start paddling to prepare for a canoe trip in 2018.”

Class of 2022


“I want to work on learning how to read and pronounce long words. I know how to spell, but some of the long words are complicated for me.”

We hope our students inspire you to set your own meaningful goals for and work towards a happy, healthy, and bright 2017!

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About the Author

As Associate Director of Education Program Services, Angela Griffin provides strategic leadership for Treehouse’s Graduation Success and Educational Advocacy programs. Under her leadership, the Education Services team helps foster youth unlock their potential, graduate from high school, and pave a path towards achieving their future goals.

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