Treehouse Store Makes Impact for Kids, Youth and Young Adults in Foster Care

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Marketing & Social Media Manager

Our free store provides ages 0-26 who have experienced foster care with clothing, accessories, school supplies, books and other essentials. This spring, we’ve heard lots of positive feedback about the store.

A girl we serve stopped by the store for some school supplies. She was about to start at a new school and was able to get a planner, a journal, a calculator and other basics. She was most excited about her journal and planner, as she loves to write and be organized.

A little boy who absolutely loves stuffed animals spotted our giant basket of them. One of our volunteers played with him as his caregiver picked up some new spring items.

A caregiver recently stopped by to pick up some tickets to take her youth to the Woodland Park Zoo for a special weekend outing. The caregiver was super happy to get tickets for the zoo, as her youth loves the outdoors and animals.

A youth came into our store with his caregiver for the first time, and his eyes got wide when he saw the book selection. He wound up getting several books from the “Magic Treehouse” series. He also picked out a camo toy truck with a soldier that rides inside. The youth could not contain his excitement and visited the Ask Me desk to request we open it.

Thanks to our wonderful partnership with Nike, many teens and young adults benefit from getting awesome new shoes. A teenager was beyond excited to get two pairs of new Nike sneakers during a recent visit. He also was able to pick up a new tracksuit and school supplies.

A caregiver came to our store with a new youth in her care. The girl was really excited about the selection of books we have. She picked out some chapter books and one she planned to read to her little brother. Her favorite part of the shopping trip was getting a panda stuffed animal and a matching panda mug.

These moments would not be possible without donations from the community. Visit treehouseforkids.org/give to learn more about the most-needed clothing and goods in Treehouse’s free store for youth in foster care.

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Catherine Krummey is the Marketing and Social Media Manager at Treehouse. She is passionate about storytelling and excited to share stories about Treehouse through social media, blog posts and newsletters.

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