Treehouse Provides Candy and Patty the Essentials

By Chandra, Treehouse Caregiver

Candy and Patty moved into our foster home August 2011. They were 22 months old. We were first time parents. Not knowing the ages of children who may come to live with us, we had purchased little more than convertible car seats and cribs.


The girls’ previous foster home had already shopped in the Wearhouse, and kindly gave us what they had. Included were Candy’s duckie blanket and Patty’s pink blanket. These fleece comforts still remain their favorites for cuddling and calming. They accompanied the girls to every visitation with their first family. They’re packed for every vacation we take. They are often pulled around our home throughout the day, always ending up in the girls’ beds at night alongside a few other favorites and a pile of books.

Stocking Up in the Wearhouse

That’s always my first stop at the Wearhouse, the bookshelves. Reading with Candy and Patty has greatly strengthened their language skills, our attachments with them, and their imaginations. They’ve really developed a love for stories they’re now instilling in their baby dolls during pretend read-alouds. At the Wearhouse, I’m always able to find darling new and gently-worn clothing and shoes and pajamas and outerwear. And, I often finish the shopping trip choosing art supplies for coloring, sculpting, and crafting. The girls love to create.


The Wearhouse has been an incredible resource for us during our fosterhood, made extra special during Holiday Magic. This year, they’re wearing their gifted Russell Wilson jerseys with great pride!

Little Wishes, Big Impact

Candy and Patty have also benefitted from Little Wishes. Their first two years in our home, we took them to weekly toddler tumbling and dance lessons at The Little Gym. This past fall, we enrolled them in private swim lessons at Safe’n Sound. These activities provide beyond the usual fun. For Candy, they are extra practice at being successful in a group setting. For Patty, they are support to effort towards new motor milestones. We count time in these settings as important as the girls’ specialized therapies.


Candy and Patty are 4 now. This past November, we finalized their adoption on National Adoption Day. For providing essentials and supporting extra curriculars, we are incredibly grateful for Treehouse’s existence and generosity. It’s one of kind. What a gift to have it here in our community.

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Chandra lives with her children and husband in Seattle. Together, they enjoy exploring the city’s parks, museums, and neighborhoods. Photo Credit: Jennifer Tai

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