Treehouse Helps Youth Reach Goals Through Incentive Program

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Sometimes, even the hardest-working, motivated youth needs an extra push to reach his goals.

After seeing a job opportunity at a fast food restaurant fall through due to circumstances out of his control, 17-year-old Mike, a senior in Spokane, was uncertain about continuing to seek employment.

“It made him feel pretty bad,” said Jamie Cleary, Mike’s Treehouse Graduation Success Coordinator. “He’s normally very motivated.”

Jamie sat down with Mike and created an incentive plan where he would apply for 11 more jobs over the course of a week to earn a $50 Visa gift card. He completed what previously seemed like an overwhelming task in just two days.

All Treehouse Graduation Success students have the opportunity to participate in the goal attainment incentive program three times per year. Each plan details successful completion of the goal, strategies for achieving the goal and the incentive the student will receive.

For example, a student may have the goal of getting to school on time. The incentive plan would then involve the student deciding to set his alarm every day so he won’t be late to school more than three times for the rest of the semester. If he achieves this, a possible incentive would be four movie tickets.

This helps both the student and the Graduation Success Coordinator visualize the process, and the student signs a form to demonstrate commitment to the goal.

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