Ticket to Dream Foundation Sends Youth in Foster Care to Seattle Sounders Game

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Thanks to the Ticket to Dream Foundation and the Seattle Sounders FC, Treehouse recently distributed 70 tickets for a Sounders game to youth in foster care and their caregivers. Fifteen people got an even closer view from the field as the Sounders and their competitors, the Minnesota United FC, got ready for action before the game.

Matthew, 17, and Andrew, 17, both attended and participated in the pregame experience thanks to our partnership with Friends of Youth. They both wanted to share their appreciation with everyone involved for giving them this unique opportunity.

From Andrew:

We went to the Seattle Sounders game at CenturyLink Field, featuring a game between the Sounders and the Minnesota United. Treehouse was able to get tickets for all eight of us group home residents.

We went to the game and were able to hang out on the field and watch the teams practice up close. We watched the Minnesota United practice their kicks and passes, and watched their goalies practice their catches and blocks. We also watched the Seattle Sounders practice the same way and also got to see them play a game against each other.

Before we went to our seats, we saw the teams huddle up, plan the game and celebrate the opportunity to play against each other.

It was exciting to see the rival teams prepare for the game so close, and to watch the Seattle Sounders win the game in the end. I was very grateful for Treehouse’s donation and the experience we got from it.

From Matthew:

On August 17, we went to see the Seattle Sounders play against Minnesota United. There was a time when my group home got to see the Minnesota United practice, and later, we were able to do the same with the Sounders.

As it got closer to game time, we had to leave the field to see the game. We enjoyed it, and the whole day was a really fun experience.

I hope we get to experience another Sounders game where we can watch the teams practice. I had fun and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to Treehouse for the experience. It was interesting, and I’d like to do these things in the future.

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