Tacoma Graduation Success Student Shares Her Poetry

By Kayla, Treehouse Graduation Success Student

Kayla, 18, is a Tacoma student in our Graduation Success program. She harnesses her creativity into writing poetry and wanted to share one of her poems, which she wrote for an art class.

Poem of My Poem

No one knows what I’m thinking
I lay my words on a thin flat ground with lines
They say, “Forget what you’re doing” and just start prinking
Having a lot to say with so little time

Times I write of joy
Others I write for anger
There’s no way I can be a decoy
If what I say makes people even stranger

Every time my brain tells me to speak
There’s a pen and paper with my voice wrote with no lies
Not to scream because I am too weak
I write until my hand gives out and I cry

Without words I have no feelings
Without feelings I have no words

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About the Author

Kayla is one of more than 750 youth in Treehouse’s Graduation Success program. She is preparing to graduate from high school and pursue her dreams.

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