How I Support Treehouse During the Holidays

By Catherine Krummey, Treehouse Communications Specialist

Sally Paxton first heard about Treehouse by listening to KIRO Radio’s Holiday Magic telethon about 20 years ago. Since then, she’s become one of our biggest supporters, doing everything from volunteering to bringing in regular donations to The Wearhouse, our free store for youth in foster care.

“I support Treehouse in all they do very strongly,” she said.

She also throws a couple of holiday parties each year, and instead of bringing gifts, she encourages her guests to bring donations for Treehouse.

In addition to collecting items from her community, Sally enjoys buying items for our youth herself. She regularly scopes out the weekly ads for anything Treehouse might need in The Wearhouse.

“I see what the bargains are and try to stock up,” Sally said.

Combining her regular errands with her desire to give back makes it an easier task to accomplish, and she recommends that process for anyone who is interested. We keep our website updated with our most pressing needs, and Sally finds that to be a useful tool in her shopping.

“I always check the website and see where the greatest needs are,” she said.

She added that while it’s fun to buy clothing and toys for younger kids, the greatest need is often items for older kids.

“I want to be aware of what’s really useful. I also try to purchase some pricier items, like Lego sets,” Sally said. “I know Treehouse could always use those.”

Ahead of the holidays, she encourages potential donors to keep an eye out for good sales on toys for our youth in foster care.

Sally has some retail experience, so she finds volunteering in The Wearhouse a couple of times each week to be another excellent way to give back during the holidays.

“Volunteering here just kind of fits with my personality,” she said. “I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of the time spent volunteering in The Wearhouse.”

Interested in learning more about the different ways you can support youth in foster care through Treehouse? Visit treehouseforkids.org/take-action for a list of options.

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Catherine Krummey is the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Treehouse. She is passionate about storytelling and excited to share stories about Treehouse through social media, blog posts and newsletters.

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