Stories from Summer Camp: Sandamar Farms

By Daquawya Finley, Little Wishes Team

Summer camp is a chance for kids in foster care to get away from it all, make new friends and just be a kid. Each summer, the Treehouse Little Wishes team helps Treehouse youth find and participate in summer experiences across the state. Whether its sports, arts, specialty, adventure, or traditional marshmallows-around-the-campfire camp, we always love hearing about the memories that are made by our kids each summer.

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Recently, one of our caregivers, Ulrika, shared what her three nieces (ages 8, 13, and 15) had to say about their experience during a week at Sandamar Farms’ horse camp last summer:

“We moved out to the countryside with our aunt and uncle, we visited a barn up the street from our house several times. We were very happy to see such a nice, clean barn and well-treated horses that were good for riding. Then in the spring, our auntie encouraged us to spend a week at the barn for camp- we got really excited!

Our favorite activities were of course horseback riding, but we also learned about how to take care of horses. We cleaned their stalls, feed them, and cleaned the tack. We had lots of fun being on the horses glam squad and decorating their pony tails!

Even from an early age, our aunt knew horses were therapeutic, and she was right! After the things we have been through in our lives, we needed something soothing but still fun at the same time. Since my aunt is an experienced horseback rider, she knew that it was exactly what we needed. Plus it’s always fun to learn something new.

Thank you Treehouse for making dreams come true! Can’t wait until next week. Sandamar Farm, here we come!!!”

Ulrika shared that she was incredibly proud of her three nieces at their end-of-camp riding performance- They each won first-place for their performances! “Not only did they have a ton of fun, but they also learned discipline, responsibility, and developed a love and compassion for horses,” Ulrika shared.

Image courtesy of Sandamar Ranch

We can’t wait to hear about all of the summer adventures our students are having!

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