Treehouse Store Adapts During Pandemic

By Catherine Krummey, Marketing & Social Media Manager

This spring and summer, our staff in the Treehouse Store have adapted to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and its related physical distancing precautions.

While the physical store has been closed to shoppers since March, our staff have been able to provide contact-free pick-up and delivery options for our youth and caregivers.

Our very first request came from a caregiver who had two new kids (a baby and a toddler) and needed lots of clothes, books and toys for them. We were able to find all the items they needed and fulfilled the request within 24 hours.

After a caregiver picked up an online order, she sent Treehouse Store staff this message: “The clothes fit great and were exactly what we need, thanks so much for making this happen!”

Another caregiver had this to say: “Treehouse took great care of our family. Everyone was kind, the process was very efficient, and the items were delivered to our front door. The package felt like a gift, with every piece of clothing folded neatly with labels. Thank you so very much!”

A caregiver reached out a few weeks after picking up an online order that included a set of early reader books (Bob Books donated in bulk by a generous donor). She mentioned the youth in her care was learning to read when the stay-at-home order was set, but it hadn’t quite stuck yet. She said the Bob Books helped her youth learn to read and also increased her confidence! The youth is now trying to read anything she can get her hands on.

A caregiver sent us this note: “Due to recent social distancing restrictions, we placed an order with the Treehouse Store for some clothing and other items for a new foster placement in our home. Communication with the Treehouse staff was prompt. Instructions for picking up our order were clearly communicated, and pickup was really easy. Everything they selected for us was thoughtfully chosen and will work well for our child. We’ve already put many of the items to use. The Treehouse Store is such an amazing program that helps removes a little of the burden from foster families like ours. We are so grateful that even during this time they are continuing to serve foster children. Thank you!”

Eligible youth and caregivers can visit our request page to learn more about our contact-free pick-up and delivery options.

If you’re interested in hosting an online back-to-school donation drive so we can keep the Treehouse Store stocked, sign up now at treehouseforkids.org/bts.

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About the Author

Catherine Krummey is the Marketing and Social Media Manager at Treehouse. She is passionate about storytelling and excited to share stories about Treehouse through social media, blog posts and newsletters.

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Katrina Mejia

July 31, 2020

Treehouses is a gift!!! All the workers that put the love and personal touch on gathering items to help our littles is such a blessing!!! I am so grateful for all of you!! Xo


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