Spreading the Little Wishes Love

By Daquawya Finley

At Treehouse, we know how much of a difference it can make to a kid when they are allowed to engage in an extra-curricular activity, like sports, music, camps, or school activities. It gives them the opportunity to explore their passions, meet friends, stay connected in school, and have fun. That’s why each year, Treehouse funds over 4,600 “wishes” for youth in foster care through our Little Wishes  program.

With many people showing a little extra love this week, we thought we’d pass along some sweet notes we’ve received from Treehouse caregivers sharing about their experiences with our Little Wishes program. We hope they warm your heart!

“I want to thank you and Treehouse Little Wishes for all you do to help provide things for Destiny that I wouldn’t be able to on my own. She gets so excited every Monday when her dance bag gets put in the car, because this is the cue that I will pick her up from school and she’ll get to dance with her friends and teacher. She does really well in class because she’s enthralled with doing the next steps and following her teacher. Destiny’s class is the youngest and they are just learning beginning steps, yet most of them were able to get out on stage and perform at their first recital this winter. So completely adorable! We really do appreciate all you’ve done for us.” -Jeanne 

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“Kevin loves swimming and is doing really well.  He has such a great time and the instructors are very invested in him.  He can swim back and forth from one side to the other side of the pool and is working on improving his kicking. He has the dog paddle arm motions down pat. The video shows his favorite way of getting in the pool and how well he takes off swimming.” -Dawn  

“Austin has been attending the Little Gym through Treehouse’s Little Wishes program. When he first started he would cling to me or to a post in the gym, too shy to engage with the other children.  Now he is a leader and a friend to the other kids.  Recently, Austin received his first medal from his teacher for his work on the Balance Beam and Good Sportsmanship. We were very proud and took him out for a pancake breakfast afterwards. I hope that Treehouse will continue to make programs like this available to children like our Austin.  The Little Gym prepared him for Headstart and other activities as well.”-Cathy

“Martin LOVES swimming!  He has been able to build muscle in his body and at his last yearly checkup his doctor said that the swim lessons are actually keeping him from needing to do more serious physical therapy work.  So we are thrilled that Little Wishes can help Martin to continue to swim!  Thank you so much.” -Christina


“Darius is enjoying Taekwondo; it’s done wonders for his confidence and his physical fitness as he’s lost his extra weight and is looking slim and fit. He goes to a school that doesn’t have PE and his Taekwondo counts for the school’s requirements.

Last month he had a test to break boards with his foot and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to do it. His teacher and my husband talked to him about getting his mind ready and visualizing the foot breaking that board; he went for it and broke it on his first try! He’s been able to use that visualization for recent testing at school. One of his struggles with school is anxiety about tests, which causes him to freeze up and he under-performs. However, lately he’s been taking a deep breath, then digs in with better results.

I should have thanked Little Wishes a long time ago, as we’ve been seeing good results for months. More great news:  We’re now on a tract for adoption. We’re going to be his forever family!” -Marilynn

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As Treehouse’s Little Wishes Assistant, Daquawya Finley connects Treehouse youth to extracurricular activities that help them meet new friends, engage in activities that promote school success, and have fun!


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