Seattle’s Child: Places Your Family Can Volunteer This Holiday Season

Treehouse is dedicated to providing foster kids with basic necessities along with summer camps, educational support and more. They have multiple volunteer opportunities for kids 6 and up, or children can host a holiday donation drive to collect toys for holiday celebrations. Read More >>

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mona owen

November 3, 2017

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i have 2 children who are 9 and 13 years. i would love to instill in them a desire to help people (in this case, children) in need. By first putting a exposing them to situations and then putting a face to a situation would really help them connect the dots.
i am also a Deacon at our church, Magnolia Presbyterian church. Our youth group would also love to volunteer this holiday season.
What can we do?

thank you,



November 3, 2017

I am a mom of 13 year old twins (boy & girl) and will love to understand how our family could spend part or our weekends with the kids at treehouse, playing games, helping the staff, or hear your proposals on how we could add value.


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