Sandra Retires at 82 to Travel the World

By Jesse Colman, Treehouse Public Relations Specialist

Sandra Wong has traveled to every continent except Antarctica. She’s seen the northern lights, rode camels in Egypt and hiked Machu Picchu. When she’s not traversing the planet, you can find her managing Treehouse’s front desk. That is, until now.

“I met a boy,” Sandra said. “I’m 82, Al is 83. I love to travel, he loves to travel. We’re healthy now, and this is my second chance for more adventures.”

As Treehouse’s Office Coordinator for the past 14 years, Sandra has made it her mission to make the lives of anyone who might call or visit a little brighter. Her career here has been a second act of sorts. Having already navigated a successful career which started in 1955 at Northern Insurance Company and ended in 2006 at Blue Nile, she joined Treehouse with a passion for the mission.

“I wanted to give back to the community,” Sandra said. “The mission and the people are the biggest reasons I’ve stayed so long.”

She doesn’t plan to stop supporting Treehouse in retirement. Sandra will transition into the role of volunteer—in between trips with her boyfriend Al—and continue to contribute financially. Before stepping down, she is doing everything in her power to make sure her successor can easily take over where she left off.

Sandra has seen the organization persevere through difficult challenges into times of tremendous growth and impact. As a member of the administrative team, she has played a critical role through it all. She is the embodiment of fierce optimism, working tirelessly to make sure everyone feels welcome.

“Whether I know your name or not, I will always greet people who walk through our doors,” Sandra said. “If I leave anything, I would want people to know how important customer service is here.”

As tough as it is for the Treehouse community to say goodbye, she is ready for this next chapter in her life. Between her thirst for travel and rich social life, there are not even many twenty-year-olds who could keep up with her pace. Al seems up for the task.

“My life is great,” Sandra said. “I have great friends, I’ve traveled and have had a great career. I was married for 53 years before my husband passed. My life has been totally and utterly fulfilled… but Al has added another dimension.”

If you’d like to volunteer or donate before (or after) your next trip, visit treehouseforkids.org/take-action.

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About the Author

Jesse Colman is the Public Relations Specialist for Treehouse. He is passionate about building relationships, storytelling and community development.

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March 2, 2020

What a lovely story about a lovely woman,
and kudos to Treehouse for not practicing ageism!


betty Chu

March 22, 2020

Your comment
I am so thankful that my late husband and I had the opportunity to enjoy Sandra’s company over the years. She is a wonderful person who has been very passionate about her work and the mission of Treehouse. Although we live in different states and have not had the opportunity to meet with each other more, I want to share my warm thoughts about a wonderful friend. I know that I speak on behalf of of our mutual friends, because Sandra, we talk about you after you leave us. And always each of us speak of our wonderful memories together.

Although, there were many opportunities for her to retire, Sandra stayed at Treehouse because of her desire to better the community of which she was a part.

I have recently had the opportunity to meet Al. They are so beautiful together. Their love for each shows through the smiles from their eyes when they speak about and to each other. They are mutually lucky to have each other during a new stage of adventure with each other.

Congratulations Sandra on your retirement and we, in Southern California, hope to see more of you and Al in our additional golden years.




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