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Launching into Adulthood

Young adults who have experienced foster care dream and build bright futures. But they often experience unique challenges, without the needed supports, that can impact their ability to achieve their goals. Without stable support networks and supplemental financial resources, the already difficult transition into adulthood is made even more challenging.

To support young adults in their journey into and through early adulthood, Graduation Success participants can choose to opt-in to Launch Success after completing high school or the equivalent. Launch Success provides individual and tailored services to meet the needs of young adults. Participants determine who and how they want to work with their coach and decide what areas they want to focus on.

Some of the ways Coaches work with program participants are:

  • Select a college or apprenticeship program, apply to school, complete FAFSA’s and provide ongoing student support
  • Help create a resume, look for work, prepare for interviews and support job retention
  • Find resources that support basic needs
  • Coordinate services to secure and maintain housing
  • Teach about money, such as how to build credit, open a bank account, manage debt and build savings

Additionally, Coaches help participants grow a strong network of support and find service partners to support them in achieving their goals.

Launch Success FAQ

How do I enroll in Launch Success?

If at any point you are interested in enrolling into Launch Success before your 22nd birthday, please contact [email protected]. You may be accepted depending on eligibility and the available staff capacity.

If you are currently in the Graduation Success program, your Educational Specialist or Graduation Success Coordinator will speak with you about the Launch Success program during your senior year.

How long can I be a participant in Launch Success?

Starting with Graduation Success graduates in 2023, you can work with Launch Success until your 22nd birthday. If your coach reaches out and does not hear back from you for within ninety days of their last attempt to contact you, we will assume you have opted out of the program and will discontinue services to you. If you do discontinue services, please remember that it is easy to re-enroll and we will be happy to have you back any time.

Why would I want to have a Launch Success Coach?

Your coach is a person dedicated to supporting you in achieving your post-high school goals and dreams. Your coach is here to help you work through challenges, find resources, build stability and to support you identifying where you want to go and how to get there. They can connect you to additional resources and work with you to make plans for your future and take steps toward your life goals. If you decide you no longer need the assistance, you can opt out at any time by letting your coach know or by emailing us at [email protected]. 

Do I have to attend college or have a job to be in the Launch Success program?

No. The only requirement to enroll in Launch Success is that you completed high school or the equivalent with our Graduation Success program, and be under 22 years old.

What if I want to try it on my own for now and maybe connect with Launch Success later?

Of course! If you want to try it on your own and find you would like some support later on, you can enroll at a later date. There are sometimes wait lists for enrollment, but we always check in to see if we can support you while you are waiting to be assigned a coach. If you want to enroll later on, you can email us at [email protected].

How often would my Launch Success Coach meet with me?

When you first start with Launch Success, your coach will be reaching out to you to meet frequently for the first few months, so you can get to know each other and your goals. After that, you get to decide the rate of communication. Depending on the situation, such as if you are working on specific goals or if something has come up that you want more support with, communication between you and your coach can range from monthly to daily for a period of time.

How is a coach assigned?

After you agree to enroll in Launch Success, you get to state your top preferences from the available coaches to work with. Our coaches live across the state, so if you want someone who can meet with you in person, we can match you with someone around your region. If you prefer to meet on zoom, phone or text, then you can be matched with an available coach from anywhere in the state. After you are matched with a coach, they will reach out to you to check in, at intervals that you decide. You are also free to reach out to your coach at any time!

What financial assistance can Launch Success provide?

We are so glad you asked! When you enroll in Launch Success, coaches can assist you in applying for Just-in-Time Funding, which can cover expenses like bus passes, hair care, driver’s education and pay for items you might need for your job like work boots or scrubs. Coaches can also help you with setting up an appointment or ordering online from the Treehouse Store.

Coaches work with you to see if there are other programs or resources you are eligible for like Independent Living or Extended Foster Care. Launch Success also has a resource specifically for their participants called Stability Funding. When other resources aren’t available, your coach helps you apply for Stability Funding to remove barriers to your goals.

How do I request financial assistance?

To learn more about eligibility outside of accessing Just-in-Time Funding through your enrollment in Launch Success, click here. You must be enrolled in Launch Success to be eligible for Stability Funding. If you already enrolled and have a need, please contact your Launch Success Coach.

Can I shop at the Treehouse Store and apply for Just-in-Time Funding, even if I'm not in Launch Success?

Yes! All Graduation Success graduates are eligible to shop at the Treehouse Store for clothing and material needs. If you do not live in the Seattle area, we can now ship the items directly to you. Click here to submit a request for the Store. For more information about Just-in-Time Funding, click here.


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