Just-in-Time Funding

Removing Financial Barriers

Treehouse provides funding for youth in foster care to explore interests and engage in their communities, reducing financial barriers to their personal growth and development. Through Just-in-Time Funding, we are able to pay for school fees, uniforms, college application fees, hair care, extracurricular activities, summer camps, and more.

To make a request, simply follow the link below and tell our team what you’re requesting funding for. Treehouse can provide payment by check or credit card to the merchant providing the service or by reimbursement. Please note that funding is not guaranteed until a request has been approved.

Funding Request


Activity Funding FAQ

What can Just-in-Time help pay for?

Just-in-Time Funding supports youth who have been referred to Treehouse, providing financial assistance for academic and extracurricular needs. A full list of what we are able to pay for can be found on our Just-in-Time Funding Guidelines page.

We do not provide funding for on-going transportation needs, rent, bills, family vacations, daycare, private school or college tuition.


How often can I request Just-in-Time Funding?

You can request funding as you need itneeded, but we cannot guarantee funding for all requests. There are maximum amounts we are able to pay for each type of request as well as an annual maximum of $2,500 per youth. For more details on funding limits, please visit our Just-in-Time Funding Guidelines.

How long does it take to receive Just-in-Time Funding?

Payment processing usually takes 3-5 business days when there aren’t delays with the required information. If funding is delivered via check, it may take up to 10 days longer. Please submit your request at least 3 weeks before payment is needed.

How do I get the money and where does the check go?

Just-in-Time Funding provides funding either by check, made out directly to the merchant providing the service, or by online credit card payment or PayPal. We cannot issue payments through CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc. Checks can be mailed or picked up in-person at the Treehouse office. For details about reimbursements, please see below.

Does Just-in-Time Funding reimburse for activities or fees I have already paid?

Reimbursements are issued by PayPal or check only. All reimbursements will require a receipt showing date, amount, name of the vendor or business paid, and the services or items purchased. Reimbursement is not guaranteed until a request has been submitted and approved. Please contact us if you have any questions about reimbursement.

See here for the full reimbursement policy.

If I have a youth in foster care in my home, are other youth living in my home eligible for Treehouse services as well?

No, only youth with a current referral are eligible for Treehouse services.

Summer Camp FAQ

What summer opportunities are good for older kids and teens?

We can help pay for summer leadership opportunities like camp counselor in-training, school organized trips, local leadership conferences, and school sports camp. We can also pay for summer school to help youth get back on track or get a head start toward next year.

How do I submit a funding request when payment is due at the time of registration?

Once youth and their care team identify activities and opportunities to participate in, we recommend contacting the vendor or business to ask about their registration and third-party payment process before submitting a funding request. Many businesses will allow pre-registration without payment if they are aware the payment is coming. If the registration is done online with payment at the end, please provide registration details within the details of the funding request.

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