Take Action During National Foster Care Month

By Catherine Krummey, Marketing & Social Media Manager

May is National Foster Care Month, and we are working to spread the word about the issues facing youth and young adults who have experienced the foster care system.

Founded in 1988 by a group of social workers and community fundraisers, Treehouse has grown to become a nationally recognized organization on the topic of foster care. We are working towards another major goal: by 2027, 90% of youth who have experienced foster care in Washington state will complete high school and successfully transition to independence.

Youth in foster care must overcome many barriers in order to reach graduation and succeed in adult life. Finding a place to live can be challenging. In Washington, there is a shortage of licensed foster homes, leaving many youth to be put up in hotel rooms or offices. As many as one in three former foster youth will experience homelessness by 26. Furthermore, children of color are overrepresented in the foster system, as these populations are more likely to be removed from their homes and to not leave the foster care system. The stress of foster care also leads 80% of youth in foster care to struggle with significant mental health concerns. Visit our foster care facts page to learn more about these issues.

To help with these different concerns, Treehouse has developed many programs to make sure youth experiencing foster care have the support they need across all areas of life. Our Graduation Success and Educational Advocacy programs focus on academic services. Launch Success supports young adults as they work towards a degree, stable housing and a living wage.

Because financial stressors can also be high for caregivers and families, we provide Just-In-Time Funding for school and extracurricular fees and Driver’s Assistance for licenses, driver’s education and car insurance. We also encourage youth and caregivers to utilize the Treehouse Store, where they can shop for clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, books, free tickets to events and other essentials for free.

We provide these essential services to over 7,800 youth in foster care each year across the State of Washington. Our mission is to create “a world where every child that has experienced foster care has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and launch successfully into adulthood.”

What can you do to support our work and the youth we serve during National Foster Care Month? We have many ways to get involved. Kick off National Foster Care Month with your GiveBIG donation. GiveBIG early, and your gift will be matched by our Challenge Pool. Even in the most unique situations, our young people are pushing forward to achieve their dreams.

You can also amplify our mission by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and sharing our posts. Purchase items on our wish list so our staff can ensure youth and caregivers have all the essentials. Rally your network to support Treehouse by hosting an online donation drive.

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Catherine Krummey is the Marketing and Social Media Manager at Treehouse. She is passionate about storytelling and excited to share stories about Treehouse through social media, blog posts and newsletters.

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