‘I Need My Work to Matter’

By Rene Jones, Educational Advocate

I refuse to settle for just employment. I need my work to matter. Treehouse provides opportunities and support for youth in foster care to pursue their dreams and become productive members of our community. That’s a perfect match for me!

My work is team oriented, and I align myself with school staff, families, social workers and other providers to support students as we give them the tools and skills to succeed academically. I provide training in an effort to cultivate the team’s skills. Sometimes, I have to push team members to do the right thing for our students, but the overwhelming majority are passionate about serving the children.

The most exciting thing to hear is that something worked—and a child is engaging and self-managing their behaviors—so that they can learn.

I will always remember one of my first graders saying: “Watch me, I’m just like all the other kids!”

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About the Author

As an Education Advocate at Treehouse, Rene develops support structure for youth in foster care who are struggling academically or behaviorally. The end result is better academic success and higher graduation rates.

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