Microsoft Inspires Howard to Dream Big

By Danielle Macedo, Treehouse Education Specialist

Earlier this school year, Microsoft generously opened its doors and welcomed a group of Treehouse Graduation Success students to their Redmond campus for a day of career exploration and high-tech discovery. During the jam-packed day, students were able to see a glimpse of what working at Microsoft is really like—from hands on coding labs to one-on-one mentoring sessions with Microsoft employees, our students left inspired and motivated to continue pursuing their goals of working in STEM.

Treehouse studnets visiting Microsoft's campus to learn about STEM careers

One of my students, Howard, was eager to attend the trip again after having an awesome experience during last year’s trip to Microsoft:

“I wanted to go back to Microsoft because I was interested in seeing what new technology they were working on. During this trip, I was excited to talk to people about their job experiences, which turned out to be my favorite part of the trip this year. My Microsoft mentor for the day, Feliz, showed me the new DX12 (3D Programming) and the HoloLens, a holographic computer.

What interests me most is learning about technology and how it’s made and created, including the possibilities of technology to achieve more things in the future. I’m currently looking at computer science and engineering programs once I graduate from high school. I’d like to incorporate electrical engineering with computer science to become a computer engineer. I’m looking at doing Running Start, and ideally, I’d like to work for Microsoft’s engineering department one day!

I had a great experience at Microsoft and I’m hoping to help lead this trip for other Treehouse students next year!”


Treehouse student Howard checks out software during his visit to Microsoft

We polled a few other students from the trip, and their reflections of the day were just as enthusiastic:

My favorite part of the trip was…

“Talking to the mentor”

“Creating a rocket”

“The 3D modeling”

The coolest thing I saw was…

“The prototype builds”

“The HoloLens”

“The 3D printer”

Someday, I hope to use technology to…

“Change someone’s life”

“Help others”

“Move the gaming industry forward”

“Make the world a better place”

“See where poverty is in the world and why”

The trip was organized by Microsoft Global Director of Marketing and Treehouse Board Member, Megan Holt:

“At Microsoft, we believe all youth—including those impacted by foster care—should have access to opportunities that inspire them to make new discoveries, explore the world around them, and create positive change in their communities. By partnering with Treehouse, Microsoft is proud to provide a space for middle and high school students to envision how technology can play a role in their plans for the future. We are inspired by the passion Treehouse students have for technology and look forward to hosting more students on our campus in the years to come.”

I am so thankful that Treehouse students once again had the opportunity to visit Microsoft and learn how their passion for technology can translate to a lifelong career. Thanks to Microsoft for inspiring Howard and many other students to dream big!

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As a Treehouse Education Specialist, Danielle Macedo meets with middle and high school students in the Issaquah and Snoqualmie School District to help them stay on track in their classes, set meaningful goals, and transition to fulfill their post-secondary dreams.

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