A Message of Thanks to Our Volunteers

By Megan Meyer, Treehouse Volunteer Manager

National Volunteer Appreciation Week has arrived, and Treehouse staff have been reflecting on the many ways volunteers are our partners in leveling the playing field for youth in foster care.

In 2016, 3,482 volunteers gave 29,482 hours of their time and talents to Treehouse, and their contributions touch every department of our organization.

The Wearhouse

We have a pool of 100 ongoing volunteers to support The Wearhouse, our free store for Treehouse families. Each of their unique personalities come together to create a special shopping experience for our youth and caregivers.

“To the Lindas, Thank you for being so supportive of our families and for making The Wearhouse a beautiful, welcoming, friendly place.”– Meaghan Quinlan, Senior Relationship Development Officer

“You create an amazing experience for our youth to choose their style. Thank you!” – Janis Avery, Treehouse CEO

Front Desk

Front Desk volunteers keep the doors to our office open, and are the face of Treehouse to the public. They also happily take on a vast array of miscellaneous projects for us, enabling our staff to be more productive and efficient.

“Paula, Thank you for all your help in getting our first aid and safety supplies together, and for your help organizing the front desk SharePoint files.” – Dana Petrarca, Administrative Assistant

“Thanks so much for always being the first bright lights that anyone sees or talks to in the office. We appreciate you!” – Jazmin Marshall, Senior Relationship Development Officer

Graduation Success

Graduation Success volunteers consistently show up for their students, and provide individualized academic support. We currently have 28 middle and high school students working with these volunteers.

“Dave, Thank you for being an amazing and flexible tutor for our students! You are so appreciated.” – Hayley Sherman, Education Specialist

“Grad Success Volunteers– Thank you so much for all your support of our students!” – José Meza, Education Specialist

Holiday Carousel

685 volunteers contributed more than 2,300 hours to staff the IKEA Holiday Carousel during the busy holiday season. With their support, the Carousel raised $23,000 in ticket sales and donations for Treehouse youth!

“Bev, Thank you for making a volunteer shift at the Holiday Carousel an annual tradition for your circle of friends.” – Megan Meyer, Volunteer Manager

Skills-Based Projects

Skills-based volunteers donate their professional expertise to advance Treehouse’s strategic initiatives.

“AGC, Your enthusiastic participation with The Wearhouse remodel completely altered the scope of the project, and the new space exceeds anything we could have ever hoped for.” – Nicole Herron, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships & Operations

This is just a sampling of how volunteers help Treehouse throughout the year. A huge thanks to each and every one of you. Please know that we appreciate you on a daily basis, but National Volunteer Appreciation Week is the perfect opportunity for some well-deserved public praise.

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As Treehouse’s Volunteer Manager, Megan Meyer connects thousands of community members each year to unique engagement opportunities to support the mission of Treehouse.

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